Normal Buttons

[divide icon=”square” icon_position=”left” margin_top=”20″ margin_bottom=”20″ width=”long”]

[button color=”yellow”]Normal Button[/button][button color=”orange”]Normal Button[/button][button color=”orange2″]Normal Button[/button][button color=”red”]Normal Button[/button][button color=”brown”]Normal Button[/button][button color=”pink”]Normal Button[/button][button color=”purple”]Normal Button[/button][button color=”green2″]Normal Button[/button][button color=”green”]Normal Button[/button][button color=”blue”]Normal Button[/button][button color=”blue2″]Normal Button[/button][button color=”gray2″]Normal Button[/button][button color=”gray”]Normal Button[/button]

[gap height=”20″]

Big Buttons

[divide icon=”square” icon_position=”left” margin_top=”20″ margin_bottom=”20″ width=”long”]

[button color=”yellow” size=”big”]Big Button[/button][button color=”orange” size=”big”]Big Button[/button][button color=”orange2″ size=”big”]Big Button[/button][button color=”red” size=”big”]Big Button[/button][button color=”brown” size=”big”]Big Button[/button][button color=”pink” size=”big”]Big Button[/button][button color=”purple” size=”big”]Big Button[/button][button color=”green2″ size=”big”]Big Button[/button][button color=”green” size=”big”]Big Button[/button][button color=”blue” size=”big”]Big Button[/button][button color=”blue2″ size=”big”]Big Button[/button][button color=”gray2″ size=”big”]Big Button[/button][button color=”gray” size=”big”]Big Button[/button]

[gap height=”20″]

Bigger Buttons

[divide icon=”square” icon_position=”left” margin_top=”20″ margin_bottom=”20″ width=”long”]

[button color=”yellow” size=”bigger”]Bigger Button[/button][button color=”orange” size=”bigger”]Bigger Button[/button][button color=”orange2″ size=”bigger”]Bigger Button[/button][button color=”red” size=”bigger”]Bigger Button[/button][button color=”brown” size=”bigger”]Bigger Button[/button][button color=”pink” size=”bigger”]Bigger Button[/button][button color=”purple” size=”bigger”]Bigger Button[/button][button color=”green2″ size=”bigger”]Bigger Button[/button][button color=”green” size=”bigger”]Bigger Button[/button][button color=”blue” size=”bigger”]Bigger Button[/button]

[gap height=”20″]

Buttons with custom Radius

[divide icon=”square” icon_position=”left” margin_top=”20″ margin_bottom=”20″ width=”long”]

[button color=”red” radius=”5″ size=”big”]Normal Button[/button][button color=”brown” radius=”10″ size=”big”]Normal Button[/button][button color=”pink” radius=”100″ size=”big”]Normal Button[/button]

[gap height=”20″]

Buttons with Outer border

[divide icon=”square” icon_position=”left” margin_top=”20″ margin_bottom=”20″ width=”long”]

[button color=”yellow” size=”big” outer_border=”true” radius=”50″]Big Button[/button][button color=”orange” size=”big” outer_border=”true” radius=”50″]Big Button[/button][button color=”orange2″ size=”big” outer_border=”true” radius=”50″]Big Button[/button][button color=”red” size=”big” outer_border=”true” radius=”50″]Big Button[/button][button color=”brown” size=”big” outer_border=”true” radius=”50″]Big Button[/button][button color=”pink” size=”big” outer_border=”true” radius=”50″]Big Button[/button][button color=”purple” size=”big” outer_border=”true” radius=”50″]Big Button[/button][button color=”green2″ size=”big” outer_border=”true” radius=”50″]Big Button[/button][button color=”green” size=”big” outer_border=”true” radius=”50″]Big Button[/button][button color=”blue” size=”big” outer_border=”true” radius=”50″]Big Button[/button][button color=”blue2″ size=”big” outer_border=”true” radius=”50″]Big Button[/button][button color=”gray2″ size=”big” outer_border=”true” radius=”50″]Big Button[/button]

[gap height=”20″]

Buttons with icons 1640+

[divide icon=”square” icon_position=”left” margin_top=”20″ margin_bottom=”20″ width=”long”]

[button color=”orange” icon=”momizat-icon-cloud-download”]Download Now[/button][button style=”undefined” color=”blue2″ size=”big” icon=”momizat-icon-thumbs-up”]Like me[/button][button style=”undefined” color=”red” size=”bigger” icon=”linecon-icon-heart”]Love This Theme[/button]



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